Balance is the key

This scape is running smoothly. No algae issues. Fish/inverts thrive and plants are growing without deficiencies. I am dosing NPK+ traces 3x a week. GH-booster once a week. Every week 50-60% water change. The HC is growing tick, so soon should be mowed.
SAEs, Otos and Amano shrimps are doing great job in cleaning this system.


Video update :-)


The Dynamic Eco-system

I am very happy with this scape so far. HC is growing way too fast, and I trim the Hygro 3 times a week. A few weeks ago I started dosing KNO3, KH2PO4, traces (TMG) and GH-Booster 3 x a week, followed by a weekly 50-60& water change.
CO2 levels are stable. No algae problems.
I did have problems with green water for a while. I did lots of wc, and changed some of my light tubes that had lots of BLUE spectrum (could cause algae probs), with tubes that have no blue.
Actually 2 x T-8's have no blue at all, but 2x T-5's have a bit.
Still, this did help a lot and water seem to be looking much better now.